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How to avoid hand-component insulating glass processing defects Squeegee
Date:2013-09-26  Author:zhaoyang    Hits:1087
In the production of insulating glass, double sealed insulating glass production reliability and widely used. Two-component insulating glass coated with glue coating machine 2 ways with hand-applied. Currently the use of hand-coated hollow glass production due to low cost and less investment by most manufacturers use.

But the manual Squeegee unavoidable IG has the following three drawbacks: First, the ratio of inconsistent two uniform deployment of three can not be used immediately after mixing the adhesive coated on the insulating glass and allowed to cure on the glass starts to full completion vulcanization process component sealant machine there first hand scraping gum meets the above three defects can not be avoided. Meanwhile painted by gluing machine pressure to glue on the edge of the glass structure of dense, while the same hand-mixed rubber coated soft on the glass with bubbles. As concrete real shock after shock structural strength, and even without concrete real shock to increase the amount of cement can not achieve the required strength.

Therefore, a high standard of hollow glass curtain wall hollow as are required to be produced in a manner using machine coated. Coating machine is currently the only four defects to avoid hand-scraping gum best way.

Currently, the world's two component sealant machine must support the use of two-component coating machine, and gluing machine is actually finely ground filtered hand glue, this glue good fluidity fine no impurities can be the glue on the rubber sealing performance itself has little, just to match the performance of the machine can operate, is so refined and physical processing of plastic, plug the machine in use is often the case if an ordinary hand-scraping gum on the machine construction work not 10 minutes the machine will not work
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