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The factors which affect the usage life of the hollow insulating glass machine
Date:2013-09-28  Author:zhaoyang    Hits:1048
That more and more families use to hollow insulating glass machine, but in an increasingly wide range of applications how can we ensure that the glass of life, let's look at what are the external conditions affecting the use of hollow insulating glass machine .

Glass - all glass and deep processing products, constitute the basic components of hollow glass;

Sealants - for insulating glass, edge seal, to ensure as little hollow insulating glass machine glass of water vapor into the hollow interior of hollow work to extend the expiration time;

Desiccant - to ensure the seal inside the hollow glass clean and all water vapor adsorption and adsorption as time goes on and the water vapor into the hollow interior of glass, insulating glass to ensure the life;

Gutter - Control hollow glass inside and outside the two glass spacing, and controls the external hollow insulating glass machine vapor in this section is completely cut off, to ensure a reasonable space of hollow glass thickness and life.

From the above we can see that: all of the material constituting the insulating glass, sealants and drying performance is good or bad, the hollow insulating glass machine greater impact on the life of the product; considering the energy savings, the spacer and sealing the thermal conductivity of plastic will directly affect the quality of the insulating glass edge insulation properties, thereby affecting the overall thermal performance of windows.

Hollow glass production technology after decades of development, which itself is constantly being improved, the product insulation, sound insulation, from the earliest welding, aluminum welding method to cementation method, the product of heat insulation, sound insulation performance has been greatly improved. After the oil crisis of the seventies, people discovered that aluminum strip method of edge insulation products is poor and must be improved in order to improve the overall insulation performance of insulating glass.
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