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LJJ-420×180 Connedor cutting saw for aluminum window & door
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aluminum window & door

Main Feature

Uses in cutting the aluminum windows and doors′angle specially,Has the reliable angle code length positioning device,it is equipped with three pressure setting,is equipped with the guidance in angle code place,thus guaranteed cuts the angle code does not bring any useless acute angle,even if cuts the 3mm long angle code not to bring the acute angle.

Technical Parameters

Input voltage :380V/50Hz          Motor power : 1.5KW
Work pressure :0.5-0.8MPa         Cutting length:5mm above

Sawblade speed :2840r/min         Sawblade feeding speed:0-3mm/min

Sawblade specifications :¢420mm×¢30mm×4Z120    Shape dimension:800×1200×1300mm 

LB 1200 Insulating 
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