Corner Combining Machine
DX06-250B Aluminum window & door High end milling machine
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Main Feature

Used in proessing the side surface of; 
Large worktable, big walk knife schedule, can be processed at 6-10 root profile; 
Adjustable more pieces of knives, makes the profiles changed without replacing cutlery; 
Thus saving production preparation period and cost of tools; 
According to different profiles, multiple cutters can also work can also work alone; 
The more big diameter of the tools, make the processing expanded; 
Aviod the defrmation of the prevent profiles deformation; 
Through hydraulic conversion to finish the work, the work is more stable into.

Technical Parameters

Input volta: 380V/50Hz            Motor power : 6.6KW
Work pressure : 0.5-0.8MPa          Cutter axis diameter: 32mm
ade speed : 2800r/min             Motor adjustment stroke: 0-85mm
Sawblade axis diameter: 300mm       Workbench size: 50×320mm
Work to travel into: 0-1050mm       Shape dimension : 2400×970×1640mm

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