Corner Combining Machine
DX06-250 Aluminum window & door universale and router
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Main Feature

Used in processing the side surface of profiles for aluminum windows & doors.
Relied on large worktable and long feed distance,6~10 pieces of profiles can be processed at the same time.
Adjustable multiple cutters need not be replaced when the profiles changed,which can save the preparation period and cost of tools.
Multiple cutters can work on different profiles individually as well as simultaneously.
Larger diameter of cutter makes the processing extent expanded.
Thickened pressing board can aviod the deformation of the profiles.
The feeding is completed through the transformation of gas and liquid,which makes the work more stable.

Technical Parameters

Input voltage : 380V/50Hz       Motor power : 6.6KW
Work pressure : 0.5-0.8MPa      Cutter axis diameter: 32mm
ade speed : 2800r/min           Motor adjustment stroke: 0-85mm
Sawblade axis diameter: 300mm   Workbench size: 50×320mm
Work to travel into: 0-1050mm   Shape dimension : 2400×970×1640mm

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