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SQJ01-120 Angle seam cleaning machine for PVC door & window
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Main Feature

This mahcine is used for PVC window and door corner welding seam cleaning,it can clean corner seam welding tumor on top,bottom and vertical surfaces,By changing different formed cutters,it can clean welding seam of profile with different sections,It features rogram control,pneumatic drive,and floating modulated pressure pulling-cutter devices and is usitable for different levels of profiles,it is the necessary equipment for mass batdch door and window processing.


Technical Parameters

Input voltage :380V/50Hz             Motor power : 1.1KW
Work pressure :0.5-0.8MPa            Gas consumption :150L/min
Processing profiles width :30-110mm  Processing profiles height :30-120mm
Pull groove depth :0.15-0.45mm       Shape dimension :1050×670×1370mm

LB 1200 Insulating glass machine

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