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Water jet cutting machine
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Water jet cutting machine

◆ Usage and performance
    It is widely used in the cutting and deep processing of industrial materials such as ceramics, stone, glass, non-ferrous metal, black and white, such as aerospace, electric power, new energy, chemical industry and automobile industry. Metal and various types of plate (type) materials.
    1, a full range of cutting capacity, can be any plane, curve cutting.
    2, the special reinforcement of the bed structure, so that the cutting head in high-speed operation will not produce vibration, machine running smoothly, cutting speed, high precision machining.
    3, all screw, rail imported products, X, Y-axis rail automatic lubricating oil way, coupled with an effective labyrinth waterproof, dustproof structure to ensure the accuracy of CNC cutting platform, and maximize the extension of the screw Rail life.
    4, cutting head equipped with reliable pneumatic high-pressure water switch control device to improve production efficiency.
    5, unique sand valve design, simple structure, the flow of sand is more smooth, more convenient to repair, and to prevent backwater phenomenon.
    6, all stainless steel shield, dust, water, rust, anti-corrosion, easy to clean water, to keep the platform as perennial Zhengliang.
    7, Wing Sheng up to YSD-S series CNC water jet sub-cantilever and gantry structure of two kinds of forms.
Stepping system

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