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4 layers laminated glass machine
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Both the curved and flat glass,tempered and simple glass can be processed. size size


Overall dimension

Input power

Total power






3P 380V50HZ



We adopt Germany heating technology Imitated by many, surpassed by none

The largest market percentage in China Supply to 10 of China Top 500 enterprises

Selling to more than 20 countries&regions No clients’ complaint in recent 6 years

1.The four layers laminated glass forming machine

Performance features:

1.Using German technology, carbon fiber far-infrared heating system. Each layer has its own heating system, heating up fast, only takes 3-5 seconds to 1 ℃. Turbo blower, hot air circulating oven to ensure that the temperature in the furnace and the temperature difference is equal to not more than 2 ℃.

2、Nanomaterials are on the inner wall of the furnace, which can reflect infrared light, to absorb heat from the inner wall to maintain; however, silica nanomaterials bags can absorb heat. It greatly improves the heating efficiency and save 50% power.Our glass laminating machine can adopt NEW TPU/EVA film as interlayer to produce architectural laminated glass, top grade decorative laminated glass, bulletproof laminated glass, armored glass, etc. The similar machines from other local suppliers can do EVA glass lamination only.

3.Advanced vacuum system

We adopt wind-cooling vacuum pump, Italian design, working stable and structure beautiful. It could continuously work for 24 hours. Vacuum rate reach up to -0.09 — -0.098Mpa. It’s equipped with vacuum buffer tank, even in case of interruption of electricity supply, the tank could ensure vacuum for silicone bag and make sure high product yield.Double vacuum system makes vacuum faster and better.

Our vacuum pump has Oil filter, longer service life

4.Our machine produces curved tempered laminating glass in one step, no need autoclave and pre-pressing machine. Max bending height reaches 400mm. If you have autoclave, our laminating glass equipment could work with it to produce curved safety glass easily and economically.

Bending tempered laminating glass produced by our machine in South Africa, our engineer is with our clients together.

5.PLC control, all program could be completed automatically.

Heating time and temperature could be adjusted according to the glass thickness. Working status could be shown on touch screen.

Our machine has self-check function, any problems, you could also check on touch screen. It is very easy and safe to operate.

Only our machine use silicone controlled rectifier in China. It could

adjust voltage according to your local standard voltage. This keepsthe machine more stable performance, longer service life, and save your electricity much. The SCR can efficiently protect the machine from stoppage because of over heat.

6.It adopts silica gel plate which is imported from USA, thick 3 mm, it could stand high

temperature to 180°C. Quality guarantee period keeps 4 years in normal condition. Each layer silica gel can put glass around 36mm thickness and it improves processing efficiency. Silica gel plate which produces in domestic factory features aging fast, short life, poor seal and low vacuum.

There is steel mesh on each tray to ensure that small size glass could be processed by our

machine. In each silicone bag, there are 2pcs of teflon mesh to protect silicone bag from being broken by glass.

7.Fully automatic glass lifting platform is hydropneumatic, more durable. It makes the

processing easy and safe. It needs only 2-3 workers. It greatly saves your labor cost.

8.The machine could be used as multi-working station machine. You can decide how many

layers you will use according to your order quantity. When the machine is working, you could combine glass and load into extra silicone bags, then put them up to the railway on the top of the machine. It will save you much time.

9.We could provide you installation video. If needed, we could do free home installation and technical training for free. Besides, we also give you the operation parameters for different glasses, such as architectural laminated glass, decorative laminated glass, float glass,tempered glass, etc. Accurate parameter is essential for high product yield. In other words,saving money is earning money.

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