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plastic window welding machine processing characteristics of thermal bridge aluminum doors and windows
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Colored aluminum doors and windows broken bridge of the structure is a combination of green wooden windows , behind bars . Gangchuang a solid security , steel doors in common thermal insulation is composed of two different sections through a combination of energy-saving heat insulation , energy efficient insulation strip also known as nylon strip , its main role is to play off the middle to prevent heat transfer thermal transfer quickly or slow heat transfer capabilities. Its structural complexity than ordinary aluminum doors and windows , high cost , general Cailv not have heat insulation , energy conservation is not just on the surface insulation do not paste processing

Aluminum doors and windows broken bridge section of the profile wall strictly follow the national standards. 1.4mm wall thickness requirements must be over because the thin wall thickness and composition related to the assembly of doors and windows firmly technical security issues . Color aluminum doors and windows while the ordinary wall thickness requirements are less stringent , generally based on the interests of the market and processing windows course , generally in about 1.0mm

Color aluminum doors and windows broken bridge aluminum doors and windows and the general assembly of the color characteristics of the technical requirements : color aluminum doors and windows broken bridge is 1.4mm or 1.4mm wall thickness above 45 degree angle cut , 3mm above the corner with a dedicated plug-in through the door and window assembly kits device. Extrusion positioning , while the ordinary doors and windows are common corner with about 1mm aluminum rivet connection is made , the extent of poor security firm , but low cost. The plastic window welding machine assembled color bridge aluminum doors and windows adults standing on the issue would not be walking on . Equipment assembly out of the field operations and the use of artificial assembled in plastic window welding machine technical requirements are very different. Dedicated ordinary aluminum bridge aluminum and you can not compare .

Color aluminum doors and windows broken bridge must be made of aluminum manufacturers specializing in the production cycle custom made its surface color processing are specialized technical, useful life is permanent, while the ordinary colored aluminum doors and windows just by general any kind of aluminum, without specialized processing a color to paint your own , technical processing without plastic window welding machine manufacturer in place professional , coating effects and life will be very good , long fade fade phenomenon occurs , known leather gland , which determines color aluminum doors and windows broken bridge that manufacturing production cycle is long , while the ordinary color aluminum windows and doors manufacturing production cycle is short features.

Colored aluminum doors and windows broken bridge aluminum doors and windows and general design are not the same, bridge design pattern of the atmosphere. Lighting transparent , depending on the space designed, while ordinary aluminum doors and windows can only permeability of conventional design lighting is poor, the broken bridge window open window design are big design , special bridge casement window hardware, while aluminum is any kind of general hardware can be used, then the poor appearance .

Broken windows plastic window welding machine must be hollow glass 5mm +9 A +5 mm double-sided steel, while the ordinary Cailv are generally single house of glass , so broken bridge soundproof insulation effect is good .
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