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the Safety of contrast for automatic glass lamination machine and toughened safety glass
Date:2013-10-06  Author:zhaoyang    Hits:1255
Tempered safety glass : tempered glass , high strength, compressive strength up to 125MPa or more, than ordinary glass big four to five times ; impact strength is also high , with the falling ball impact resistance test method for the determination , 1.04kg steel ball from height of 1m drop impact , the glass can be maintained in good condition 6 there is a broken only ) . In ordinary glass will not break under normal hard collision , but the fear of the normal cone hard object collision , such as buses, install tapered hammer , use only a relatively small forces can crack the glass .

automatic glass lamination machine: laminated safety glass, the impact strength of more than 5 times stronger than glass and then to the falling ball impact test method for the determination , up to 2.26kg with a steel ball from a height of up to 4.8m drop impact , glass can be kept intact 6 allows only one broken ) .

Crushing granularity : toughened safety glass broken particle size was 6mmX6mm granular . Almost the whole glass fragments are scattered on the ground , on the human body or third party objects may cause minor injuries such as scratches the skin, fragmentation may sputter into the eye , but also has the potential to cause the bathroom a decorative surface damage. The laminated safety glass broken piece or two-piece glass fragments stick tightly laminated safety glass PVB film , the whole piece of broken glass stand in place , do not move , but will not fall off scattered on the ground , or does not cause any damage to surrounding objects .

Broken chance : the use of tempered safety glass and automatic glass lamination machine also exists crushing odds , the following points will lead to two kinds of glass were broken : the design is unreasonable ; installation failed ; glass blew According to the study led to the poor quality of reporting and the National Testing Center the data show that the tempered glass after natural fragmentation rate is one-thousandth part of the normal range blew and blew the law is no time ; users improper use may also cause glass to shatter. The only difference is that broken glass broken glass fragments will be centered on the point to the surrounding radiation type sputtering open, would cause harm or third-party items , and folders automatic glass lamination machine is no such situation.
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