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Plexiglass laser cutting applications and advantages
Date:2013-10-11  Author:zhaoyang    Hits:996
Laser cutting plexiglass with speed, high precision, accurate positioning and other obvious advantages . And can be gifts, panel lens chassis , model toys , advertising light box signs show supplies , packaging and other industries have irreplaceable application . The advantages can be divided into the following specific points:

Cutting effect: cut without fire polishing , very smooth, shiny , no sawtooth pattern , can be cut off acrylic thickness 20mm;

Laser tube of good quality , long life: best machine-made laser tube , not only stable , life expectancy is long ( about 8 to 14 months ) , power 85w, packages with a half ;

Machine performance: 24 hours a day non-stop work , Taiwan original guide, accurate and durable ;

Cutting speed: As for cutting 3mm thick acrylic sheet . Laser cutting with the traditional mechanical cutting method , this new approach has several important advantages.

First, it is a step to complete , dry process . Edge smooth and tidy , no subsequent cleaning and polishing . And the laser light caused by the separation process to produce high strength , natural tempering edges, no tiny cracks. Using this method to avoid the unexpected cracks and broken , reducing the defect rate , improve the yield . Laser cutting the cutting thickness and cutting speed limit of cutting speed has three factors : the thickness of the glass , the thermal expansion coefficient, and the laser output power . In this test , we used the output power 150w co2 laser cutting thickness is 1.

1mm glass , straight cuts , speed of 500mm / s . As a comparison , the hard metal wheel cutting the same thickness of glass at speeds up to the same 1500mm / s. However , even in applications where speed is important , this difference will also be brought about by laser cutting economic and quality advantages of offset .

We believe that further process optimization and use of higher laser output power for cutting processing speed will be easily increased by 2 to 3 times. Curve is precisely because the cracks are drawn along the laser beam traces of laser induced separation can be cut to draw very precise curve patterns.

In fact, we have done experiments also proved either straight or curve , laser cutting can be continuously and accurately complete the setup pattern repeatability of up to +50 μm
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