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Steel doors and aluminum windows and doors What's the difference
Date:2013-10-12  Author:zhaoyang    Hits:1266
High-grade steel doors and windows and aluminum doors and windows in the wind pressure is almost the same, in Shanghai , the Royal brand steel doors and windows have been used in more than 40 storeys of residential upstairs , fully able to meet the requirements of anti-typhoon .

 Durability foreign research data show that high-grade steel doors and windows used in Europe for more than three decades , the Royal plastic profiles detected by European standards accelerated aging test 6000 hours , the performance achieved and greatly exceed the latest European EN12608-2002 requirements , second to none in the profile , undisputed . Aluminum windows and doors on the durability of aluminum itself is good, but because gong nails, rail material non- aluminum metal , proved electrolytic corrosion will occur , a lot of old aluminum sliding doors and windows are not flexible is this causes.

Aspects of high-grade steel doors and windows seal size because high precision machining, box fan lap compact design, seamless welded corners , like the Royal brand plastic doors and windows hardware and software co-extrusion technology , is produced with tape and form , there is no gap and simplify the assembly process , the whole window is very good air tightness and dust . High-grade steel doors and windows of a set of independent scientific drainage system , equipped with a windshield cover to prevent water intrusion . As commonly used aluminum doors and windows interspersed with rubber strips, rubber strip contraction caused by the fan angle occurring away from the seam , thus sealing performance.

High-grade steel doors and side seepage water waterproof performance is better than aluminum windows and doors . The box itself is plastic doors welded , there is no problem of water seepage window itself . Install and use a variety of waterproof material , such as: polyurethane foam sealant, outdoor dents embedded neutral sealant , neutral silicone sealant inside perfusion. And aluminum windows and doors using cement mortar plug seam single installation, no other water craft frame , window frame itself is riveting , there is a gap , easy to water seepage. Aluminum drainage holes directly in contact with the interior , you can not prevent water intrusion .

Surface color Aluminum Surface treatment: anodizing, coloring ; electrophoretic coating ; powder coating ; PVDF coating . Plastic profiles can do the same rich colors. In addition to using spray technology ( optional fluorocarbon coating and DuPont paint ), ASA, PMMA surface coextruded film can paste imitation wood , the general effects such as wooden windows and other new surface treatment process in the processing of steel profiles are widely used .

Aspects of plastic profiles insulation aluminum thermal conductivity is 1/ 1250 , steel 1/ 357 , the same two rooms , installed steel doors and windows of the room, in the winter than the high- mounted aluminum about 5 ℃ , 5 ℃ in summer and low about energy-saving effect is very obvious.

Soundproofing aspect mostly due PVC window profiles three chamber design, and even four-chamber , five-chamber body , plastic doors and windows sound insulation up to 35 dB or more , which is far from the only single-chamber aluminum structure can be compared .

Lightning side plastic profiles is an insulator cavity liner does not constitute a loop connection , so no lightning protection and grounding measures . Aluminum is a good conductor , in high-rise buildings must have a lightning protection and grounding measures , thereby increasing costs.

Economic aspects of high-grade steel doors and a large one-time investment , but subsequent energy saving, less complications ; aluminum doors low price point , but after renewals electricity, water seepage and other sequelae many problems . Therefore, in the long run a good economy or steel doors .

National policies is a high energy-consuming industries aluminum , has not encouraged the development of national and multi- PVC sources , including the production of calcium carbide , electric quarry in China has a relatively rich resources , the use of plastic instead of metal is the direction of the development of society as a we share those concerns for the country people have problem-solving, positive response to the state 's call to use more high-grade steel doors with good effects . The aluminum alloy used in savings it is more suitable for use in places such as aerospace aircraft and vehicles .
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