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What are the ways of improving hollow glass technology?
Date:2013-10-16  Author:zhaoyang    Hits:1102
Hollow glass equipment and technology to improve the performance of ways . Factors affecting the performance of insulating glass the thickness of the spacer layer gas mainly through the control of the thickness , is formed inside the hollow glass turbulent heat transfer as the control of flow of the hot gas stream interference or rise and fall of air to interfere with each other to control the convective heat generated .

Air layer between the gas species and humidity inside the hollow glass filled with inert gas , can reduce the insulating glass insulation, sound insulation , such as argon and charged with sulfur hexafluoride can be increased by insulating glass insulation, sound insulation ; the hollow interior of the water vapor content of the glass increases , both will produce internal condensation or water, thus affecting the aesthetic effect of insulating glass , hollow glass would cause conduction heat transfer coefficient increases , reducing the insulating effect .

Insulating glass edge seal circumstances on the one hand , if the insulating glass edge seal is not good , then the water vapor through the sealant into the hollow interior of the glass will increase the proportion of hollow glass failure rate will accelerate . Any kind of product , regardless of how good its initial performance , however, its life is very short , this product can not be said to be a good product ; other hand, if the insulating glass edge good thermal conductivity of the material , then by insulating glass edge sealant and glass connected to the heat transfer is relatively much , hollow glass insulation coefficient will improve thermal insulation performance.

Glass thermal transmittance in the above analysis, we can understand that , if we adopt reasonable space layer design and construction , which can be controlled through the hollow glass convection and conduction heat transfer . Heat insulating glass mainly by way of radiation heat transfer through the low reflection high if ( radiation ) the rate of ordinary transparent glass , hollow glass insulation performance is compared with high reflectance ( radiation ) through the coating low glass or low-E glass is much lower .

Increase the size of glass plane planar size of the insulating glass , insulating glass unit area can reduce the heat loss and improve the overall insulating glass insulation. As mentioned earlier, there are three ways for the transmission of energy , convective heat , radiant heat transfer and heat conduction . Throughout the energy transfer process, the radiation transfer coefficient largest proportion , about 60% , its value depends on two glass surface temperature difference and the spacer layer gas emissivity ; followed by conduction transfer coefficient , about 37 % , its value depends on the thickness of the spacer layer of glass gas ; finally convective transfer coefficient , about 3% , its value depends on the glass thickness of the spacer layer and the gas temperature . To improve the insulation performance , it is necessary to reduce the radiation transmission and conduction transfer , convective transfer coefficient values, so that the integrated value of several transfer coefficient minimum .
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