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The shortcomings of the hot bending production for hollow insulating glass machine
Date:2013-10-15  Author:zhaoyang    Hits:1128
hollow insulating glass machine has good heat insulation, sound insulation , which can reduce the building 's energy consumption, save energy and reduce noise and improve the environment. In addition , the use of hollow insulating glass machine, you can simplify the structure, reduce weight, increase lighting , lower cost , therefore , hollow insulating glass machine is widely used in building walls and windows and doors . Developed countries ( such as the Nordic ) has been required by law must be used in the construction of hollow insulating glass machine, our hollow insulating glass machine is used more and more widely . As the latest developed hollow insulating glass machine new family member - bending ( bending steel ) hollow insulating glass machine, in the production and use , must pay attention to the following questions:

Glass bending
Requires bending has a good appearance quality , therefore, be made of high quality float glass and bending dies and the adoption of appropriate scientific and reasonable bending process , bent glass products require a smooth surface with no visible spots, pitting , consistent product size tolerance requirements , in addition, taking into account the consistency of the engagement piece , synthetic hollow insulating glass machine must be in pairs of two glass bending, to ensure a good degree of agreement .

Bending ( bending steel ) hollow insulating glass machine inadequacies exist
High bending ( bending steel ) hollow insulating glass machine requirements in addition to a normal hollow insulating glass machine 's features, it also requires a low optical distortion in order to better observe through the glass objects within the field of view , and this characteristic index regardless is GB11944-89hollow insulating glass machine GB , or JB / ZXXXX-XX bent glass line marked , they were not required to do , this is due to the advent of this new product is not long , people in the building not have high expectations for this relatively the other, more common with this problem , targets more difficult to ascertain .

All week , automotive curved laminated glass optical aberrations have higher requirements , this is because the two visual ghosting prone to fatigue , causing a traffic hazard . Bending hollow insulating glass machine and bending compared to the laminated glass , bending the same quality with respect to a pair of glass , it will result in greater optical distortion and distortion , therefore , is not used for transport vehicles bending hollow insulating glass machine, automotive safety glass, the same optical distortion indicators are also suitable for bending hollow insulating glass machine.

Grade construction using bending ( bending steel ) hollow insulating glass machine should be noted that optical distortion

According to the above, bending ( bending steel ) hollow insulating glass machine will inevitably have a greater optical distortion in use ghosting prone to two , nor the line marked in this indicator requirements, therefore, it should not be in the transport vehicles using observation and precision in the use of high-grade construction , light distortion requirements also need specific discussions demanding place to not use this product solutions as well.

With large bending ( bending steel ) hollow insulating glass machine curtain though beautiful, generous , but must pay attention to its optical distortion performance , as China's glass curtain wall industry and technological development, this issue would be a good solution , the corresponding standard will be as soon as possible .
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