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Talking about safety glass machine 's technology and processing methods
Date:2013-09-23  Author:zhaoyang    Hits:558
Along with social progress and people's living standards rising , people are no longer satisfied with the use of ordinary glass , glass processing industry increasingly developed .

Glass deep processing of secondary products, namely glass , is the use of a molded glass ( float glass , sheet glass on ordinary lead , flat pull glass, rolled glass ) as the basic raw material , according to requirements , using different processing techniques have made specific features glass products. Common safety glass machine products, materials float glass .

Laminated safety glass is sandwiched between two or more layers of glass on the polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer film , a polycarbonate plate , a polyurethane sheet , acrylic sheet and other plastic materials, the high temperature and pressure processing is made . Safety glass machine products used as intermediate materials polyvinyl butyral (PVB) film .

PVB film has good adhesion, toughness and flexibility , the safety glass machine by external violent impact , this layer of film will absorb a large amount of energy will be firmly adhered to the glass PVB interlayer film , glass fragments will not scatter , thereby possible to minimize the damage . safety glass machine has good security , noise reduction , control and anti- UV sun characteristic features . According to need , you can use an ordinary float glass , tempered glass , LOW-E glass as safety glass machine 's original film , so that the safety glass machine has different properties.

Today, glass industry is characterized by frequent orders , variety , short cycle , fast delivery. This mode of production on the glass processing equipment requirements is comparatively higher . Glass deep-processing equipment must be able to meet the needs of hybrid production , flexibility is higher.

Multilayer glass and PVB film multi-chip combination , is to enhance the safety glass machine bullet-proof anti-theft performance . PVB thickness and glass thickness are increased. Since glass and PVB film adhesive was very strong, almost as a whole ; and because glass has high hardness and PVB film with good toughness , when bullets come into contact with safety glass machine , through the elastic deformation of the diaphragm , absorb its impact energy , until the impact energy is weakened to a very low level or even zero , it can not penetrate . Similarly , the metal bump can break the glass and can not penetrate , thus play a bulletproof theft effect.

Cutting the original film cut marks to the right in order to obtain good edge stripping effect , to be precise size , differences not greater than 2mm , so as to avoid missing edge and the bubble generation . After cutting edge of the glass to be polished , with a washing machine after cleaning . After cleaning, the glass surface can not be residual oil and other debris, clean the glass after drying and placed to room temperature before use.

In line with technological requirements of the engagement piece interior , flat glass , will be capped with PVB interlayer carried flat on the glass , put another piece of glass . Trimmed with a knife , cut off the PVB interlayer . Pruning can not pull PVB interlayer , PVB interlayers to avoid distortion , and to ensure that the glass outer margin of PVB interlayer in 2-5 mm range . When trimming blade must not be in contact with the glass , so that glass particles generated by processing of the back portion causes the bubble generation .

After washing and drying the glass , the composite film into the device after the automatic transmission input terminal , by transmission, smooth evenly into the pre- rolling rolls , to which air is excluded from the beginning portion , into the pre- press , pre- heating oven heated pressure , the film reach the required temperature frit glass has good contact with the film , by the transport roller in the heating tank to the input end of rolling rollers uniformly , resulting in melting of glass and the film became one , then the output section outputs, glass and film firmly bonded together , and almost rendered transparent, so that once completed flat safety glass machine work, and then prepare in an autoclave for final processing .

Together good glass into the roller press , after the first roll after extrusion into the incubator , and then the second roll extrusion , exhaust, Edge complete this process. After the second roll , safety glass machine four weeks should show a full circle zona edge seal will prevent the autoclave gas flow generating bubbles . Other parts can be distributed uniformly opaque part exists. This process requires the glass surface temperature must be strictly controlled, neither temperature is too high , so that premature edge , internal gas can not be discharged ; Neither shalt temperature is too low , Edge incomplete , resulting in reflux bubble .

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