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insulating glass machine noise insulation works
Date:2013-09-23  Author:zhaoyang    Hits:1100
insulating glass machine mostly used for windows and doors industry , because we need homely windows and doors , reasonable structure, designed to meet the standard insulating glass machine, can play its heat insulation, sound insulation , anti-theft , fire effect. The following is the insulating glass machine insulation, sound insulation works:

Transfer of energy by radiation rays in the transfer form of radiation , such radiation including visible , infrared and ultraviolet radiation , the same as the sun's rays pass .

Convective transfer side of the glass due to a temperature difference , causing air in the cold side and the hot side of the drop rising air convection generated , causing the loss of energy .

Conduction transfer is the movement of molecules through the body , promote energy of movement, and to achieve the purpose of passing , just as with a wok for electric soldering iron rice and stuff like that , and insulating glass machine conduction of energy transfer through the glass and its internal the air to be completed.

It is because of this principle , to bring a number of advantages , so that more and more people are choosing equipment, etc. are slowly commonplace .
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