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Optional automatic glass cutting machine profiled attention to detail
Date:2013-10-14  Author:zhaoyang    Hits:1133
Drinkwater glass cutter teach you in the purchase of automatic glass cutting machine profiled should pay attention to the following details:

Cutting precision: General requirements for the construction and decoration industries accuracy of ± 0.5mm less ; But for car mirror classes require ± 0.01mm or less. A complete machine acceptance test precision cutting process, in order to measure the actual cut to precision products prevail , usually a dozen test sample surface . Through testing we can fully grasp the cutting platform flatness and control system synchronization control level .

Cutting speed: cutting precision to meet the premise that we can talk about the speed , the shorter the cutting platform , with the eyes is difficult to determine whether the maximum speed , we can use the cutting machine with servo drives the simulation capabilities of the software to check the motor speed is the highest . When the test without real cut cutting speed , improve acceleration and deceleration . Each axis can be tested separately , can also be tested simultaneously .

Automatic layout optimization : the cutting edge machine , taking into account the types of processing cost and Breaking the particularity of the general arrangement of highly educated people who do not buckle down , which requires cutting machine operation should be simple, easy to understand, not too complex , which will cause the machine to afford the machine could not afford the embarrassment . Best to have functional defects escape , because the domestic plate glass sometimes defective products. Shaped cut graphics libraries to be more flexible and should be made to make the CAD graphic can participate typesetting expanded.

Easy maintenance : I / O signals and mechanical sensors do with too much light as unnecessary switching and less , because once a mechanical failure of the device will affect the use of the cutting machine , component failure probability of less low , less wiring , easy to find fault and replacement parts , preferably on the screen will be able to debug the I / O signal status . Maintenance costs is a must purchase your machine should be considered an important factor. Five . Save energy : in the same cut size requirements can be completed when the opportunity to cut energy consumption in selected provinces bring many benefits to the enterprise . First, protect the environment, save energy ; second is to save the daily expenses.
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